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The Full Story

Allergy and Asthma Care 

Allergic Reaction

What We Treat

We provided treatment for all allergy and asthma concerns at two convenient locations. Our goal is to identify your individual allergies and provided the best treatment options for you. For a complete list of the treatment we provide, please head to our services. 

What to Expect

All new patients and patients that are scheduled for a testing must stop all antihistamines (allergy medications) 3 days prior to their appointment. When arriving to our office, you can expect to have a one-on-one consultation with our physician Dr. Pasternak. Depending on your symptoms and history, the doctor may be able to test you that same day.   

A doctor telling patients how to use an asthma inhaler
Scratch Test

What Makes Us Different

A common service provided by most allergies is Immunotherapy Injections - commonly known as Allergy Shots. Unlike other offices, we do not require our shot patients to schedule an appoint. Instead, we offer convenient "walk-in" hours that patients can come in without notice to receive their allergy shots.

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